Roti Making Machine Features

Rotimation is a roti making machine with a capacity of 700 to 900 rotis per hour. Roti making machines can be used in catering, mess, hostels, hotels, and restaurants. This machine increases the roti making capacity several times. It is India’s first of its own kind compact chapati making machine

Semiautomatic Roti making machine by Rotimation

Production Capacity

120-150 no. per hr

Time Efficiency

One chapati takes only 30 second to prepare.

Reduced chapati cost

Only 0.30-0.40 paisa making cost per chapati.

Thickness Of Chapati

1mm - 4mm

Size of Chapati

3” to 7”

Elegant Design

Classy and compact in design

No Skilled labour

three simple ways to make perfect & soft chapati

Travel friendly

light in weight , easy to carry from one place to another

Space Saver

Can be placed easily in very less space

Profitable Business

Install Rotimation and make your own chapati house

India’s first of its own kind
compact chapati making machine

Technical Specifications of Rotimation

We ensure you receive ever-ready full technical support within the warranty of our product.

Gas Consumption - 0.50 Kg / hr
Electricity Consumption - 1 Unit / hr
Electric Connection - Single Phase
MCB - Standard L&T MCB (Shockproof)
Castor Wheel - Size 50mm, material PU & SS
All Parts - S.S.304
Power saver - In-built Inverter system
Burner - Material Brass
Gas Regulator - ISI mark Indane
Coil - Connected with inverter switch
Dimension - (L- 2'6" x H- 2'1" x W- 1'1")
Weight - 55kg ( Machine can be lifted by only 2 person)

  • This Warrantee is against any type of manufacturing defects and in effect for one year from the date of purchase and with below mentioned conditions.
  • Under Warrantee Period, If any type of Manufacturing defects found in Rotimation, Company will Repair and Replace the Faulty Parts 100% free of Cost.
  • This Warrantee is valid for Rotimation handled and operated according to instruction provided with it.
  • This Warrantee does not cover the breakages through transit or at customers end.
  • Tampering of Rotimation at customers end terminates the validity of Warrantee.
  • This Warrantee does not cover damages occurred through accidents mishandling or by customers negligence.

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